Elder Scrolls Online Release Date

Everyone is going crazy wondering about the Elder Scrolls Online Release date. We now know that there will be a $15 subscription as well as it will be monthly.  We also know the date will be in 2014 but we are currently not exact on that yet, but there is some speculation.

Some people think the release date will be right before summer for the big summer break spendathon for kids and their games.  This makes a lot of sense because when the people playing this game (both high school and college students) will have the most time is then.

Some people are speculating it might not be until Christmas of 2014, but we have a feeling the game is much closer to completion and release than that.

What We Think – Elder Scrolls Online Release Date

What do we think? Well, Spring of 2014 is when ZeniMax said they are going to release the game, so this makes a lot of sense and it’s what they said.  A lot of people were ruined by companies like Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzard because they would announce a time period for a release, but then they would go well past that date and everyone gets mad.

So, let’s hope that doesn’t happen with the Elder Scrolls Online date and we get what we are told.  It may even be the first time this has happened in the entire history of the online game industry… or not, maybe we took that too far.

elder scrolls online release date

We trust ZeniMax on this Spring time period announcement, and until they break their first promise (don’t you dare, ZeniMax!) we will take their word for it and expect the Elder Scrolls Online Release date to be Spring 2014.  When exactly in Spring? We’d say around May which would be right before the summer rush.  Let’s see how close we are to this guess.